Monument By Crater Road

Sitting in our family van, waiting on my husband at the mechanics, in a city with bad memories involving craters, tunnels and noble dead soldiers, I chose to lift my eyes. I saw not mountains but tree tops — city pines determinedly spreading their boughs and asserting their presence over the trash-filled underbrush of roadside … Continue reading Monument By Crater Road

Wholly Family and the Christmas Pack-Away-Blues

Don’t quote me, but I think the idea to marry off our family Christmas tree ornaments came to me the year after I bought the stuffed, Jamaica market-woman ornament. That season after Epiphany, when all the college-aged have gone back, and the other young adults, returned to their various places of transitioning, to life away … Continue reading Wholly Family and the Christmas Pack-Away-Blues

A Christmas Morning Rout

It is true, what they say, that the most important thing about you is what you believe about God, because that will determine what you believe about yourself, and will thus determine your choices, your life journey, your pursuits — the path you take. The first chapter of the book of Romans records that God … Continue reading A Christmas Morning Rout